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Alternative Adventures presents Jasper’s Zip Line Adventure for all ages.

Have you ever imagined flying like a bird or your favourite super hero? Jasper’s Adventure Zipline offers exactly that experience! Children as young as three years old to adults in their 80s have enjoyed the zipline.

From the top of the Zipline Launching Ramp will take your breath away as you soar through the air like a bird! Or a super hero! It’s the same sensation as launching and flying a hang glider. Jasper’s Adventure Zipline is designed, engineered and inspected to offer you the most unique zipline experience available in the world today.

Your first flight on the Zipline is tailored for you to build confidence in yourself and our system. Children and adults develop confidence and self esteem. For some, it’s been life changing. Jasper’s adventure zipline is adjustable for your level of adventure.

The Alternative Adventures Resort also offers:

  • Camping

  • Wood tent pads

  • Fire pits and picnic tables

  • RV Sites (no hookups)

  • Eco Adventures

  • A variety of Zipline Experiences

  • Instruction in sport flying (hang gliding and paragliding)

  • Power kiting instructions