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Sun through Pines

This world-class facility provides 35 kilometres of well-maintained cross country ski trails for skate and classic skiing, a biathlon range, and a luge track. The centre can be enjoyed in spring, summer, and fall as well. Forested trails offer opportunities for hiking and mountain biking; there are breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and  foothills  from Athabasca Lookout Viewpoint; and the centre also serves as a group use area during camping season.

 Athabasca Lookout Nordic Centre is 20 kilometres to the north of Hinton – follow Highway 16 west to the Grande Cache turn-off then follow Highway 40 North for 14 kilometres to Athabasca tower road.

 The Athabasca Lookout Nordic Centre has hosted numerous provincial and national cross country ski and biathlon races, as well as World Cup events. The area’s diverse trail system offers a wide variety of skiing experiences for all skill levels.

 Groomed trails  are rated expert, Intermediate and novice to ensure that skiers can select trails appropriate to their abilities. Expert trails provide a variety of steep and challenging terrain, whereas novice trails provide gentler slopes.

 The rustic main lodge is a hub of activity on winter weekends, serving as the coordinating point for Jackrabbit programs and biathlon training. The main lodge once served as the administration building for the Columbia Icefields. It was donated to the Nordic centre in 1986. The log building comfortably seats 60 people and is heated by a wood stove.

 Athabasca lookout Nordic centre is growing in popularity for mountain biking. The hilly and forested trails have hosted the annual MS Bike Tour and a number of mountain biking competitions. For information on the areas single-trace trails, contact the Hinton Mountain Biking Association.