peregrine helicopters
Helicopter supporting fire fighting

Initially founded in 1999, we are proud to have remained an Alberta-owned and -operated helicopter company that offers reliable accident- and incident-free helicopter flights around Edmonton, the rest of Alberta, and BC.

 Throughout the years, our pilots have used their quality expertise and equipment to help passengers for a variety of flights. Some of the flights we even specialize in fulfilling through services such as:

  • Charter services

  • Precision long lining and slinging

  • Utility services, including:

  • Forestry, mining, and petroleum

  • Drill moves and support

  • Aerial seeding and fertilizing

  • Scenic tours

  • Wildlife surveys

  • Wildlife capture

  • Firefighting

  • Emergency services

 To accomplish these flights safely and effectively, we use some of the best helicopters around, such as the Airbus Helicopters’ AStar 350 FX2 and Bell Helicopter’s Bell 206 B3. For more information about our aircraft, read about our fleet.